Reinventing in-home care starts with facing the hard truths of caregiving in America.

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Hard Truth #1

Most Home Health Aides receive low wages with little training or support. We’re empowering Caregivers to deliver exceptional care.

Career Paths

We offer performance raises, career opportunities, and competitive benefits.

Training and Coaching

Caregivers receive training and one-on-one coaching from their Managers and Clinical Team.

Thoughtful Technology

Our Caregiver App helps Caregivers deliver better service and get support when they need it.

Hard truth #2

90% of older adults want to age at home, but many families struggle to manage care. We’re supporting families to make aging at home a reality.1

Our Services

Daily Activities

Our Caregivers help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like dressing, bathing, meal prep, and medication reminders to keep older adults safe at home.


Our Caregivers help older adults connect with their passions, do activities they love, and stay in contact with their family.

Care Support

Our care support team is available via phone to answer questions and help make aging at home safer and simpler.

Proactive Monitoring

Our technology tracks changes in the home so potential issues are proactively addressed.

Hard truth #3

12 million Americans need long-term care, but many families can't afford it. We’re building partnerships so every family can get affordable, high-quality care.2

Free Consultations

Our Care Advising team works directly with families to determine how to set up and pay for the right type of care.

Medicaid Transition

We assist families transition to more affordable care with our Medicaid Transitions Program.

Growing Network of Insurance Partners

We partner with a growing list of insurance programs to offer integrated, superior services.

Hard truth #4

Most home care agencies aren’t transparent about their care. We’re shining a spotlight on our performance.


of Hometeam's clients would recommend Hometeam to a friend.3


of Hometeam's Caregivers would recommend Hometeam as an employer.4

Our Approach to In-Home Care

Finding Great Caregivers

We start by using behavioral and skill-based interviews to identify Caregivers who want to build a career.

Empowering our Caregivers

Training, coaching, in-home technology, and real career paths come together to create empowered Caregivers.

Delivering Exceptional Care

Our focus on Caregivers ensures we deliver exceptional care that keeps our clients happy and healthy.

A Team You Can Trust

“Hometeam is very different from the other agencies I’ve worked for. If I ever have problems, there’s always someone I can speak to who can coach me and give me support. Hometeam truly care about the patients and the caregivers - not just about the finances and bottom line."

Nicol, Hometeam Caregiver

“I can be really relaxed and feel confident that Dad's ok, and it is priceless. I cannot tell you how much that's work. Thank you."

Anahid, daughter of Hometeam client

“Hometeam gives me holiday pay and benefits - something I never received in my many years at other agencies. More importantly, Hometeam recognizes me for my work. This appreciation makes a really big difference in how I feel at work, and makes my work even more fulfilling."

Rohini, Hometeam Caregiver

“It [Hometeam] rescued me. It allowed me to have quality time with my mother at the end of her life that I otherwise would not have had."

Philip, son of Hometeam client

“I love Hometeam so much because they are not a stereotypical agency. They welcome you with open arms. They listen to you. They incorporate your personality with Care Recipients. They think about your wellbeing, interests, and accomplishments in life."

Cleve, Hometeam Caregiver

“I'm pleased with what Hometeam has done for us. They have been the ones coordinating Caregivers... There has always been a conversation between Hometeam, myself, and my family. It has been a huge burden lifted off my shoulders."

Susan, daughter of Hometeam client

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Paying for long term care is complicated. We work with your family to find the best option for you.

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Private Pay

Many families pay out of pocket via ACH for long-term care.


Hometeam accepts several types of insurance including long term care insurance and Medicaid managed care plans.5

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Start a rewarding career as a Certified Home Health Aide with Hometeam

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Get quality, consistent care from our team of Caregivers

1. 2011 AARP Aging in Place: A State Survey of Liveability Policies and Practices 2. U.S. Senate Commission on Long-Term Care Report to Congress, September 2013 3. Hometeam Client Survey, 2017
4. Hometeam Caregiver Survey, 2017 5. Hometeam accepts Medicaid managed care plans with which it contracts